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The Social Impact Startup

Dec 1, 2019

Lisa Magill is the Cofounder and COO of both Aleria and ARC (Aleria Research Company). She understands how important it is to create an inclusive work environment and is passionate about rebuilding the outdated systems that put up endless barriers for specific people and not others. Coming from a background in both Finance and Technology, she experienced many obstacles herself in the workplace simply because she is a women - less pay than male coworkers, limited networking opportunities, and being questioned on performance abilities based on whether she would choose to have children or not. With a fire under her, she sought mentorship and hosted workshops to create a community of women who could empower one another. She didn’t stop there. A true impact entrepreneur,  Lisa has dedicated her career to solving big picture problems and ensuring that every step taken isn’t just for profit, but for creating lasting change in society. Her work at ARC and Aleria do just that. ARC is a non-profit that focuses on conducting research related to diversity and inclusion and Aleria utilizes that research to help companies progress and create more equitable opportunities for their employees while also driving profit and performance. Their approach for creating an inclusive workplace is innovative because they utilize complexity science and intersectionality instead of just statistics. In our conversation we discuss the problems surrounding ‘performative diversity’, why data and science prove the benefits of being inclusive and diverse, and her advice to impact entrepreneurs trying to build and scale. If you are passionate about building a company, you have to be passionate about prioritizing the people who are helping you to build it. Community and culture are everything and this episode brings awareness to how necessary it is to be a leader in your industry for both innovation AND inclusion.

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