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The Social Impact Startup

Dec 15, 2019

Natalie Grogan’s  goal is to help business leaders create outstanding places to work. A newly coined term, “Talent Optimization” is the process of aligning business strategy with talent strategy to help solve problems surrounding attracting top talent, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, company culture and team dynamics. A role she is rightfully suited for, Natalie’s career trajectory demonstrates exactly how to optimize each situation you may be thrown into for your benefit. Her work history extends back to being fascinated with her father’s work and trying to help in any way possible to becoming one of the first members of a small online marketing company during her senior year of college that led to a buy out, a nice chunk of change, and the interest in entrepreneurship altogether. Her path led her in many directions before eventually starting her own company. From the East Coast to West Coast and teetering between sales and marketing roles, she eventually landed on a job that gave her the experience necessary to create a successful consulting career. After being laid off not once, but THREE times in a row, Natalie took it as a sign to take the leap and create her own company. Persistent and dedicated to bettering the workplace, she now works in partnership with the Predictive Index to conduct behavioral, cognitive and job assessments to truly optimize how a company chooses the best suited people for specific roles. An advocate for the platinum rule, to treat others the way that they need to be treated, she understands that fundamentally people work and succeed differently and wants to encourage those in leadership positions to help others become the best version of themselves as the effects are beneficial for both the company and the employee. We discuss exactly how the Outstanding Company helps to implement these strategies, why it’s beneficial for both large enterprises and small startups, and why this strategy supports diversity of thought. We also discuss burnout, how to maintain your routines when traveling, and why it’s always ok to ask for help. We all know that it’s the people who make the place and this conversation delves deep into why prioritizing your people and acknowledging diverse strengths and weaknesses leads to a stronger organization overall.


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