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The Social Impact Startup

Dec 22, 2019

Erin Person genuinely wants others to succeed. With a passion for solving problems, her desire to create solutions for society’s underlying issues led her to a law degree. However, feeling stifled by the lack of creativity in a law office, she moved over to the entertainment industry where she was responsible for negotiations, working with startups and developing strategic partnerships. As her career progressed, she noticed that strategic partnerships, support systems and problem solving were exactly the key elements that startups needed in order to succeed. After being laid off, she took it as an opportunity to truly become an advocate for creation. What started as supporting her friends in building their businesses grew into a digital platform for entrepreneurs. As the founder and CEO of ConnectEO, Erin’s goal is to put something into the world that can benefit people and create a domino effect of impact. Specifically, she wants to help underrepresented communities be able to take ownership of their own path in life versus the one that society has delegated for them. Erin is building a vetted space where creators can build and operate sustainable businesses by relying on a community of entrepreneurs to uplift and support them. A reciprocal system, ConnectEO is meant to solve the problem of startups and their failure rates by incorporating the idea of “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together”. We discuss her journey as a founder, why we should all be creating versus always consuming and how to take the power back over your own life, despite what society may say. A true advocate for ownership and creation, Erin is helping to show that sustainable success comes from community, taking chances, and being conscious creators. In Erin’s words:  “We are created to create - so create”.


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