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The Social Impact Startup

Jan 26, 2020

Ghonva Ghauri is intentional in her life and her career. With a passion for mental health and identity development, she is creating a revolutionary platform to help uplift and support marginalized communities. She is the founder and CEO of The Katra Box, a subscription box that stands apart from the others. The Katra Box encourages South Asian American women to embrace their identity and be “unapologetically brown”. Ghonva noticed that there wasn’t a space that existed where these women could see themselves represented nor a place to address topics that are relevant to their lives, but are currently taboo to discuss openly such as homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, and even unorthodox career trajectories. The Katra Box is intentionally curated to support minority owned and ethical businesses so that the consumer can make more conscious choices, minimize their carbon footprint and increase the demand for companies to build better, more accountable businesses. What began as a wellness and lifestyle box is growing into a place where these marginalized communities have the ability to explore their own identities and foster their well-being from the inside out. We discuss how we can continue to promote solidarity across communities, why being present and listening can be one of the most powerful tools of support, and why integrity and honesty prevails in building an engaged audience. Ghonva also shares some insightful advice about entrepreneurship and how it can be another avenue for the lifelong journey of learning to love yourself. In her words, “As an entrepreneur you have to be okay with being lonely and not thinking that it’s a sad emotion. The journey of being okay in your own presence is more taxing than folks realize”. Cheers to Ghonva for creating a platform to help individuals learn to love themselves - unapologetically. 


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