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The Social Impact Startup

Jun 1, 2020

Jovana Mullins is the founder of Alivia, a contemporary women’s brand with a unique social impact model. They work directly with artists with developmental disabilities to design collections,  showcasing their work while giving back to the community - 10% of the proceeds go directly back to the Center of All Abilities in NYC where the creator receives art therapy. Their mission is to give purpose and voice to the previously unheard while showcasing their talents. They also hope to encourage a larger social movement of inclusivity and acceptance within the fashion industry.

Originally from Kansas, Jovana’s love for art,  fashion and social impact started at a young age. She was taught by her grandmother how to sew in 3rd grade, started her own non-profit dedicated to at risk youth in 8th grade, and used her yearly fashion shows in high school as a way to raise even more money for that cause. She went to the Parsons School of Design and her career launched after working for some of the biggest names in fashion, like Diane Von Furstenberg and Matthew Williamson. After working in fashion for over 10 years between London and NYC, Jovana felt that there was a bigger calling for her - she wanted to give back to the community. She started volunteering with Gifted Hands, a place where they conducted art therapy programs for underserved groups. When that non-profit shut down, Jovana took her fashion focused art therapy program to the Center of All Abilities in NYC and the rest is history. From there, Alivia was created. Jovana is truly making waves in the social impact space, from sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly printing processes to supporting conscious consumers who invest in fashion for more than just a statement piece, but to be a part of a social movement. Jovana’s business model is truly emblematic of what an impact business should look like and any entrepreneur will be inspired by what she is building.


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