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The Social Impact Startup

Jun 29, 2020

Elizabeth Yarnell creates products that help people live better lives.The daughter of two doctors, health and wellness was always a topic of conversation in her household growing up. However, the importance of personal wellness wasn’t fully solidified until just before her 30th birthday when she woke up one morning and had gone completely blind in her right eye. The diagnosis? Multiple sclerosis. At the time, there were limited options. After having created a career path in video production and journalism, the sudden loss of eyesight made the prospect of her future uncertain. At the time, the data showed that 80% of MS patients would experience significant disability within 10 years of the diagnosis. A diagnosis that many could view as daunting, Elizabeth used it as her motivation towards a healthier life. Her then fiancé, who was a competitive athlete, suggested that what she was eating could have something to do with how her body was reacting. She started experimenting with cooking and strategizing ways to make healthy meals more convenient. After years of trial and successes with her friends and local community, she self-published Glorious One Pot Meals and ended up selling over 15,000 copies herself before selling to Randomhouse. Her second business, Digistars, is an e-learning portal to help strengthen 21st century skills for kids. Our world connects through visual media, and the intention behind Digistars is to equip today’s kids to be successful in their careers as adults. Elizabeth’s life story is inspiring in that it shows how thinking outside the box can get you farther than any box others try to put you in. We discuss the importance of innovative thinking, how technology can positively impact our future and why even when you are passionate about what you’re doing you shouldn’t submerge your whole identity into your work. We also discuss the most common ailment of our time and why sugar isn’t the main culprit. A story of innovation and defying the odds,  Elizabeth’s story will inspire you to take the best care of yourself as you build your social enterprise.

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