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The Social Impact Startup

Oct 18, 2021

Anastasia White is the founder of Crescent Bleu, a sustainable swimwear line that focuses on building timeless and eco-friendly products for women to celebrate themselves in.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Anastasia discovered her love of fashion when her mother taught her how to sew at just 5 years old. She fell in love and knew that being a fashion designer was her calling. She moved to NYC after college and worked in corporate fashion for over 20 years. Throughout that time she saw the fashion industry transform and evolve but eventually left the corporate world to pursue her dream of starting her own swimwear line.


In our conversation we discuss:

  • Her experiences in the corporate fashion world and what she learned from it
  • Launching her company in the midst of the pandemic and how she persevered
  • Why it’s important to build safe spaces where Black women can be represented and celebrated
  • The importance of building your community as a social entrepreneur
  • And why no business has the capacity to do sustainability“perfectly” yet, but why it’s important for business owners to be committed to taking small steps and doing what they can through their own particular business model / product


Anastasia is hopeful about the future of the fashion industry and is doing her part to set a higher standard, not just by creating a sustainable product, but by creating a safe space where Black women and diverse bodies can be celebrated.


Connect with Anastasia:



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crescent bleu™ a perfect fit for you & the planet! | IFundWomen



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