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The Social Impact Startup

Nov 22, 2021

Amy Divaraniya is the founder of Oova, a women’s health tech company that is responsible for inventing the first fertility translator. With a PhD in the medical field, Amy never wanted to be an entrepreneur but ended up creating a company and product that is setting a new standard for women’s health.


Oova is a test that monitors multiple hormones through urine and tracks the data over time. Clinician approved and completely personalized, Oova is giving women the power to be their own advocate.


In our conversation we discuss:

  • Amy’s journey and why we need to normalize conversations around fertility
  • Why it took 3 years to develop a product that was not a bandaid solution, unlike other products available on the market today
  • Her experiences raising VC money
  • And why trusting your vision will get you far as a founder


Amy and Oova are taking the women’s health tech space by storm. With plans for new products and growth in the near future, her definition of success isn’t about profit margins but rather how she can truly help women take control of their health at every stage of life.



Connect with Amy:


Our intro theme song is “Pico & Westwood” by Esbie Fonte. Check her out here: