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The Social Impact Startup

Mar 1, 2020

Kemi is the Cofounder of Alveo Creative, a digital community for artists that provides resources for both creativity and business.  With a diverse background as a vocal artist and a lawyer, Kemi defies the antiquated idea that you have to ‘choose’ one path: either you are a creative or you are an intellectual. She has been able to balance the two worlds throughout her career, not by giving up one or the other, but by ‘shifting percentages’. Our lives are multifaceted and Kemi is exemplary of how to embrace variety in a way that facilitates continuous learning and growth. She has been a long-time impact entrepreneur, starting with the launch of her production company and leading up to the founding of Alveo Creative. Their mission is to be a resource where artists can learn how to be savvy business people without losing their heart and vulnerability. In our conversation we discuss why it’s always important to put in the work, that you must hold yourself to higher standards each day and why boundaries are important for facilitating growth and self care. Kemi also elaborates on the concept of payment in exposure, the opportunity cost of every experience, and why overall the goal is be happy and enjoy your life. “The two most valuable currencies in the world are time and money. Out of the two, time is more valuable because that’s the one you can never get back”. As a true business woman and artist, it is inspiring to see someone who lives by those values and inspires others to do so as well.

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