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The Social Impact Startup

Mar 8, 2020

Amy Giddon wants to redefine how our society engages with social media. Amy started her career with a completely different trajectory than being a founder. She went between management consulting, finance and even dabbled in women’s leadership before she gave up the stability of the jobs that played to her strengths in order to pursue the job that played to her passion. Amy’s initial inspiration for Daily Haloha came from the Sticky Note Project that was focused on spreading positivity after the presidential election of 2016. She saw what positivity and support could do for human kind and decided instead of the polarization and dehumanization that was perpetuated at that time, she wanted to recreate that experience of positivity, affirmations and overall love for other human beings evident during the length of the project. Daily Haloha in 2019 launched as an unbiased safe space where people can connect and replace reactivity with reflection and support. Basically, she is creating what social media was meant to do before becoming convoluted with competition, judgment and comparison. In our conversation we discuss her journey creating tech as a non-technical founder, her dedication to ambition womxn in their careers, and overall her desire to help rekindle empathy. We also discuss the importance of self care and how tech can serve a bigger purpose beyond ourselves. A two minute daily ritual that is meditative, though provoking and refreshing, Amy is at the forefront of the mindful tech movement.


Our podcast theme song is "Pico & Westwood" by Esbie Fonte. For more info, visit