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The Social Impact Startup

Mar 24, 2020

Claire A. Pettibone has always prioritized doing what is best for the group instead of solely thinking about the self, a concept our world is beginning to recognize amidst our global pandemic. As a 1st generation Filipino American, she saw the hard work and sacrifice that it takes to be a leader and put it upon herself to fill the hole that exists within the online fashion space. As a consumer, Claire was always intrigued by ethical and purposeful business and this inspiration served as the model from which the Madison Grace Boutique was founded upon. Madison Grace exists to inspire women to give-a-care and to prove that you can be ethical and sustainable in your choices - while still looking effortlessly chic. Claire’s journey towards becoming a founder was unconventional and painful, but she chose to take the lemons life had handed her and create socially-impactful lemonade. Her objective with Madison Grace is to be a part of the movement of impact entrepreneurs who are helping to restore a broken system, redeem marginalized communities and create a better future. In our conversation we discuss the five G’s that are the foundation of her business model, how to cultivate successful business partnerships, and why it’s important to do your own due diligence when setting new standards in any industry. We also discuss the future of fashion and how self-care can look different each day - and why that is okay. Claire’s insight is beneficial to both new and seasoned impact entrepreneurs and her efforts remind us of the good we can do both as consumers and business owners.


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