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The Social Impact Startup

May 31, 2021

Kelly Travis is a certified health and success coach who helps ambitious people to recognize their individual value and worth as they reach big goals.


Kelly was a competitive athlete, earning a scholarship to college but had to eventually drop out due to internal and external pressures to be perfect. After becoming hospitalized, Kelly realized that although she was applauded for seeming healthy on the outside, internally she was truly struggling.


In our conversation, we discuss:

  • Her journey with prioritizing her mental health
  • How she built her own business after slowly being pushed out of a male dominated space
  • The courage it took to leave her abusive marriage
  • Why so many women struggle with self-trust - and why she’s made it her goal to help them build that trust
  • And why perfection isn’t the goal - but healing is.


As a woman who has first hand struggled with many issues that women face, Kelly aspires to be the support system she desperately needed for her 20-year old self. By promoting self-acceptance and detaching from the idea of perfectionism, Kelly believes that to in order to have an impact on the world, we have to first start with ourselves.


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