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The Social Impact Startup

Mar 21, 2022

Michelle Egger is the Co-Founder and CEO of Biomilq, a woman-owned, science-led, and parent-centered biotech startup developing novel technology to make human milk outside the body. They’re on a mission to nourish healthier babies, empower parents through choice and contribute to a healthier planet.


In our conversation we discuss:


  • Her career path and why combining food science and entrepreneurship made sense
  • The struggles modern parents face and why it should be a human right to access human milk and nutrients
  • The importance of having mission-aligned investors and why partnership criteria is helpful in finding the right people to support your business
  • Why staying intellectually humble is important when building a social impact business
  • And why this isn’t just a women’s issue; it’s a family issue


Michelle and her team are doing incredible work to not only support healthy infant development and modern parents, but are working to remove stigma in the business space by focusing on capability & vision instead of gender. 



Connect with Michelle and Biomilq:



Our intro theme song is “Pico & Westwood” by Esbie Fonte. Check her out here: