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The Social Impact Startup

Jan 17, 2022

Liz Eddy has always been passionate about building products and businesses that can tangibly help others. At 15 she created her first company that was focused on educating others about dating abuse and domestic violence, she also led communications from inception for the nation's first free, 24/7 crisis support line, Crisis Text Line, and most recently is the co-founder and CEO of Lantern, a single source platform that provides step-by-step guidance for navigating life before and after death.


Lantern was born from personal experience. Liz lost her dad at a young age and was the caretaker for her Grandmother who passed away more recently. In the midst of navigating grief, Liz had to handle the logistics of what you do when someone you love passes away, and found there was no singular place to find the answers she needed.


In our conversation we discuss:

  • Why being aware of our own mortality can actually make us happier people
  • Her journey through entrepreneurship and how many different ideas she had before finally finding the right one
  • The difficulty of raising venture capital as a woman and why women are judged on progress while men are judged on promise
  • And why having healthy, happy, and cared for employees is of the utmost importance to Liz and her team


Liz isn’t shy about having conversations with taboo topics that the rest of society hides away from and her ability to do so has produced tangible results for people when navigating some of the most difficult moments of their lives.


Connect with Liz:


Our intro theme song is “Pico & Westwood” by Esbie Fonte. Check her out here: