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The Social Impact Startup

Jan 24, 2022

Kimberly and Brittany are more than co-founders; they are friends building a digital platform for sexual wellness where Black women are seen, heard and celebrated. Coming from extensive educational backgrounds in public health, gender studies and psychology, they didn’t want to just advocate for this space - they decided to build Kimbritive not as an attempt to correct to the current system, but to create their own.


In our conversation we discuss:


  • The discrepancies Black women experience in sexual and reproductive healthcare
  • How they’ve built rest into their company culture
  • Their top 4 tips to start identifying and implementing boundaries into your life
  • And the power of personal story-telling for confronting stigma and shame


Kimberly and Brittany are doing the work to de-stigmatize sexual health and center Black women because not only do they deserve this space - they deserve great sex.



Connect with Brittany & Kimberly:



Our intro theme song is “Pico & Westwood” by Esbie Fonte. Check her out here: