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The Social Impact Startup

Apr 4, 2022

Jackie Dalius is the Founder and CEO of MuzicSwipe, a platform that is disrupting the music industry by giving smaller artists the recognition they deserve. The app allows potential fans to discover new music by swiping and matching with upcoming artists that often get over looked on larger streaming platforms.


Jackie started her journey in entrepreneurship when she launched her own PR firm and worked in talent management. Noticing how hard it was for smaller artists to be seen, she sought out to help solve the problem.


In our conversation we discuss:


  • Problems that exist in the music industry and how difficult it is for smaller artists to be seen
  • How their platform is giving power back to artists & consumers
  • The evolution of MuzicSwipe - from where it started to where it is now
  • Why it’s important to have confidence in your vision
  • And how your dreams can become a reality


Having only launched their beta in January 2022, MuzicSwipe has already hit the top 100 in the App Store, showing that consumers and artists alike are ready to disrupt the music industry through swiping. 



Connect with Jackie:

Download MuzicSwipe:



Our intro theme song is “Pico & Westwood” by Esbie Fonte. Check her out here: